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In the sculpture garden and in the Pierre-Salinger museum

Every year, the Poppy and Pierre Salinger Foundation organizes thematic exhibitions in La Bastide Rose, which take place in both the Bastide Park and the Pierre-Salinger Museum. Since 2004, when the association was founded, sculptors and their work have been honored through major exhibitions. The magical setting of La Bastide Rose subtly highlights the works, while at the same time, the Pierre-Salinger museum continues its original purpose: to trace the achievements of a man, who can still today serve as a guide for new generations.

47 sculptors and visual artists honored in 2018

For the 15th exhibition of monumental sculptures by the Poppy and Pierre Salinger Foundation, an exceptional exhibition has been set up. For four months, 47 sculptors and visual artists were brought to light through an event entitled "De l'amour", an echo of the 50th anniversary of the year 1968.

The Kennedy and the United States of America

The Pierre-Salinger Museum continues to honor the memory of one who is an example to follow for the younger generations. Exhibitions were also held in honor of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of his election as US President, or the 100th anniversary of his birth.

Exhibition 2018: "Of love" 47 sculptors and visual artists

Julien Allegre / Philippe Berry / Joel Canat / Amelie Chabannes / Gina Coppens / Dominique Coutelle / Parvine Curie / Jean Daviot / Karine Debouzie / Nicolas Eres / Christine Ferrer / Christiane Filliatreau / Frédérique Fleury / Odile de Frayssinet
Sybille Friedel / Francesca & Raymond Guerrier / Francis Guerrier / Édith Guillaume / Stéphane Guiran / Horst Haack / Albert Hettinger / Jonone / René Küng / Yvette de la Frémondière / Élise Morin / Marc Nucera / Anne & André Pharel / Nell & Domingo Politi / Patrice Poutout / Stéphanie Raymond / Claudia Rogge / Vera Röhm / Daniel Romani / Niki de Saint Phalle / Jacques Salles / Manuel Serrano / François Stahly / Charles Stratos / Flavie Van Der Stigghel / Eva Vorfled / Michael Wohlfahrt / Mâkhi Xenakis / Placide Zephyr

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